Jan 24, 2024

In a live online teaching and guided meditation, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche guides us in meeting our “pain identity” — the mistaken sense of self who continually suffers  — with openness and warmth, clearing and opening the pathways to realizing the liberating truth of no-self. The broadcast marks the start of Month 12 in Rinpoche’s yearlong program, “Embracing Life with Wisdom & Compassion.” Free and open to all!

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Post-broadcast summary: In his teaching Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche discusses the importance and challenges of identity formation, particularly in the context of a culturally-ingrained need for social validation and profession-based identity. He emphasizes the suffering caused by this approach to self-discovery, suggesting it may hinder personal growth and evolution. Rinpoche also highlights the role of Bön and Buddhist teachings, such as the wisdom of emptiness and compassion, in promoting self-realization and selflessness. He concludes by emphasizing the significance of understanding identity on a deeper, personal level, rather than focusing on possessions and other external objects.

In advance of the broadcast Rinpoche encourages creating a bit of space for meditation in your house — in a quiet, peaceful location where you can feel some sense of warmth and connection to yourself. You might provide a comfortable cushion to sit on, and a candle or stick of incense. A supportive outer space can support your inner space during meditation.


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