In a six-part series of teachings and guided meditations, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche helps you to:

• Let go of your false identity and discover who you truly are.
• Free yourself from fears and attachments.
• Find more hope and joy in life.
• Understand the dying process as a pathway to wisdom and rebirth.
• Recognize the parallels between dying and falling asleep.
• Find peace with your own death.
• Help others through sickness and death.

Videos can be viewed through these links:

Part 1: Releasing Attachments, Finding Freedom and Joy. September 10, 2016, 65 minutes.
Part 2: Transcending Fear, Finding Hope. October 8, 2016, 66 minutes.
Part 3: Asleep but Not Unconscious: Discovering Awareness in the Sleep State. November 12, 2016, 71 minutes.
Part 4: Sleep and Death as Doorways to Wisdom. December 10, 2016, 67 minutes.
Part 5: Finding Peace With Death. January 14, 2017, 67 minutes.
Part 6: Helping Loved Ones Through Sickness and Death. February 11, 2017, 47 minutes.

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