Mar 12, 2016

Full playlist (90 minutes total)

This recorded live webcast is Part 2 of a free, six-month course on Transforming Your World Through Service, but can be viewed alone.

In our efforts to serve others and our world, we are constantly making decisions. Are we making these decisions from a place of wisdom and open awareness — or from a place of pain, fear, conflict, or expectation? Noticing the space from which our actions and reactions arise becomes a great practice for generating self-awareness. Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche helps you understand how to exercise more wisdom in your service to others, and guides a meditation for cultivating wisdom through the practice of inner refuge.

Introductory video, “Serving Others from the Space of Wisdom” (2 minutes)
Closing video, “2013 Summer Retreat at Serenity Ridge” (10 minutes)

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