November 17, 2021

According to the dzogchen teachings, resting deeply in the silence of speech can be our doorway to the refuge of the sambhogakaya — the pure, infinite awareness of our true nature. In this video for the cybersangha, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche helps us to enter through the door of silence.

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In advance of the broadcast Rinpoche encourages creating a bit of space for meditation in your house — in a quiet, peaceful location where you can feel some sense of warmth and connection to yourself. You might provide a comfortable cushion to sit on, and a candle or stick of incense. A supportive outer space can support your inner space during meditation.

This broadcast marks the start of the Month of Speech in “A Year of Body, Speech, and Mind,” a free 2021 online program of live teachings, practices, and science & spirituality dialogs. Learn more

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