Jan 29, 2021

What challenges are you facing right now? How well are you dealing with them? Whether you’re reacting in anger or accommodating your circumstances with serenity and joy, how you respond has everything to do with your sense of who you are. In a Facebook Live broadcast, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche explains how to distinguish your “pain identity” from your genuine self, and guides a meditation to help you find more serenity through awareness of stillness of the body. He also discusses suggested “homework” for the weeks to come.

View live on the Facebook page of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to join the chat, or view here on this page. If the livestream doesn’t appear at the scheduled time, try refreshing the page.

In advance of the broadcast Rinpoche encourages creating a bit of space for meditation in your house — in a quiet, peaceful location where you can feel some sense of warmth and connection to yourself. You might provide a comfortable cushion to sit on, and a candle or stick of incense. A supportive outer space can support your inner space during meditation.

This broadcast is part of “A Year of Body, Speech, and Mind,” a newly launched, free 2021 online program of live teachings, practices, and science & spirituality dialogs. Learn more

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