More about the Neuroscience on Contemplative Movement and Somatics

Our guest Peter Payne has expressed enthusiasm for recent research into neurophenomenology and its effects on the philosophy of science. He sees in this development “the possibility of a non-Cartesian science which no longer separates mind from body.” For a fuller understanding of the topics covered in Contemplative Movement: A Bridge to Transformation, Peter has offered a recommended reading list below:


On neuroscience and somatic contemplation — a novel approach and introduction to understanding stress, trauma, and the body-mind therapies:
On recent developments in science, “The Interoceptive Turn” by Noga Arikha:
Somatic experiencing using interoception and proprioception as core elements of trauma therapy:
Movement-based embodied contemplative practices, definitions and paradigms:
And below is an article (one of several) on a clinical study of qigong.
Digital Delivery of Meditative Movement Training Improved Health of Cigarette-Smoke-Exposed Subjects: