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The ancient Bön teachings of soul retrieval place much emphasis on the sacredness of nature. In a Facebook Live broadcast, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche answers viewers’ questions from his January 16 broadcast on “Opening to a Deeper Wisdom,” and guides a meditation. The broadcast is open to all; you don’t need a Facebook account to view it.

This is Part 4 (continued) of a four-part series on Cultivating a Sacred Relationship with Nature. Every day we hear new warnings from scientists that our world is facing cataclysmic change and mass extinction due to climate change. There is pervasive fear, anxiety, and denial; and because of rampant greed and corruption among those in power, a sense of impotence. This is an unprecedented moment in the history of humankind when we all need to take action for the benefit of ourselves and all around us. But to have the clarity, passion, and conviction needed to take advantage of our opportunities to act, we first must connect deeply with the reality of the beauty and sacredness of what our world has given us — and of what we stand to lose.

To help us become part of the solution, these teachings empower us to:

• embrace the sacredness of nature
• open our heart with gratitude for what we have received from it
• feel a true sense of regret for our individual and collective actions
• cultivate compassion for all the beings we have harmed.
• connect deeply with the raw elements of nature, so we can retrieve their sacred qualities and ultimately connect with the deeper wisdom to which nature gives access.
• live each day in the space from which we can act spontaneously for the benefit of all, with wisdom and compassion.

Each part of this series will include a teaching and guided meditation and will be followed at a later date by a question-answer session.

Part 1: Opening Your Heart with Gratitude / Q&A Session
Part 2: Cultivating Compassion for Our Natural World
Part 3: Retrieving the Elemental Essences from Nature / Q&A Session
Part 4: Opening to a Deeper Wisdom / Q&A Session